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Keep It Up! Publications

Aug. 2020

The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Using Patient Portals to Address the HIV Prevention Needs of Adolescent and Young Adult Sexual Minority Men.

Nelson, Kimberly M; Macapagal, Kathryn

J Adolesc Health

Sep. 2020

The Implementation Research Logic Model: a method for planning, executing, reporting, and synthesizing implementation projects.

Smith, Justin D; Li, Dennis H; Rafferty, Miriam R

Implement Sci

Jul. 2020

The Value and Challenge of Frequent HIV Testing Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States.

Schackman, Bruce R

Clin Infect Dis

Jun. 2020

The CAN-DO-IT Model: a Process for Developing and Refining Online Recruitment in HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Research.

Macapagal, Kathryn; Li, Dennis H; Clifford, Antonia; Madkins, Krystal; Mustanski, Brian


Aug. 2019

Design Considerations for Implementing eHealth Behavioral Interventions for HIV Prevention in Evolving Sociotechnical Landscapes.

Li, Dennis H; Brown, C Hendricks; Gallo, Carlos; Morgan, Ethan; Sullivan, Patrick S; Young, Sean D; Mustanski, Brian


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